Woocommerce Integration

BookKeeper Accounting Software Woocommerce Integration

Are you tiered by making one by one manual entry of your woocommerce sales order in bookkeeper accounting software?

We are DSU INFOTECH Authorised partner of BookKeeper Software found Easy solution for your work.

We team of Creative People’s found Every bookkeeper software user’s are tiered by taking one by one entry of Company’s online woocommerce store sales data like, Customer Details, product details, gst data etc.

So after spending lot’s of time on research of woocommerce we have discovered Best way to do Woocommerce Sales import using excel in bookkeeper windows software.

Benefits :

  1. Easy to use
  2. One time configuration
  3. Import – Export via Excel
  4. No manual work
  5. No need of coding

How to Use ?

If you have WordPress Woocommerce website (Make your Business online at Rs. 19,999/-)than Goto Woocommerce > Export Order.

Click on Preview you will see all the order’s as per bookkeeper Import sales excel format.

Click on Export. One excel sheet will be downloaded on your system.

Make sure you have same name of the products in woocommerce website and bookkeeper software.

Now Open bookkeeper > goto Tools > Improt transactions from excel > select sales

Now click on browse button and select excel file you have downloaded from your site and click start import button.

That’s it if your all data will be matched to bookkeeper software than file will be imported successfully and you will be able to see sales transactions in sales > view.

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